Dear Rachel Notley and Danielle Smith….

Congratulations on the well-deserved victory! In exceptional ways, you defended the titles assigned to you. No judgement would ever be accurate enough to know who won. I am sure each one of you has endured a unique battle, personally and politically. Politically, the narrative is out there, but privately, there could be a million stories untold.

When Rachel thanked her husband for mopping the kitchen, we knew it was real. In truth or in metamorphic. When Danielle thanked her husband for sacrificing their personal time, that was real too.

As a woman, I know, you had dual battles to face. One ridden with love and guilt for not being enough for the family, and another gruelling one left for the outer world—the world that is filled with judgements, and where errors are noted easily.

Could be, you were broken inside but needed to flash that unrelenting smile. You must have left an ailing family behind, to attend a grilling party meeting on the weekend. On some days, you must have gotten exhausted from the errands that you completed in the morning yet were compelled to remain swift and witty while working . Could be, on days you chose silence over words at home, you were needed to be shrewd communicators in public.

Your struggles are dual, so celebrations should be doubled too. And for the detractors and cynics, let them carry on. Keep loving them if possible. There is nothing in the world that cannot be overcome with the power of love. And, also, please use your power to empower the next woman you meet. You never know what battle she may have conquered before meeting you.



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