Confident Smith lied convincingly

Confident Smith lied convincingly

Danielle Smith - Premiere Candidate for the UCP
Smith’s about-turn on Health Care

The debate, in the run-up to the Alberta election, was interesting. Danielle Smith came out as a flamboyant, clear-headed orator while Rachel Notley remained her polite self, balancing between facts and amplification.
What raised eyebrows was the blatant lie thrown confidently by Smith when she said that UCP did not aim to privatize health care.

Seriously? When did that change? For the longest time we know, the UCP has been rooting for privatization, citing pressure on the healthcare sector. Interestingly, the policy paper Smith wrote in 2021,  amplifies her statement. It reads, “Once people get used to the concept of paying out of pocket for more things themselves then we can change the conversation on health care.”

Also, Bill 30, which came into force under the UCP’s regime on July 19, 2020,  states the following:

1) Bill 30 modernizes legislation so physicians have more options in how they are paid, including making it easier for physicians to enter into Alternative Relationship Plans for compensation.
2) Allows government to contract with a range of organizations to operate medical clinics.

Smith’s change on healthcare is based on the anticipation that people are worried to pay out of their pockets for treatment they receive. Are Albertans buying this abrupt new vision of the UCP? May 29 will be interesting.

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