Croatia bags the third spot after a tough fight with Morocco
Morroco versus Croatia, Fifa Worldcup, 2022 (Video source: @TSN)

Croatia is not a country that gives up easily. From being the Fifa World Cup finalist in 2018, it bagged the third place in Fifa World Cup 2022 by beating Morocco with 2 goals.

The match for the third place played today, in Qatar, saw many eyebrows raised as Croatians lifted the spirit of the crowded stadium that cheered for them after their fresh semifinals defeat against Argentina.

The semis, however, was a story of trial and with Messi being Messi, the victory appeared a little too far fetched.  The battle for the third against Morocco, however, was a definite redemption for Croatia.

Interestingly, the Moroccans also fought to remember as they bagged an immediate second goal in the first five minutes of the match. Besides, the incredible saves made by Moroccan goalie Bono,  only validated the  authority of the team as a top contender. Moroccans’ perseverance has led them to be the first African country to enter straight into the semifinals. And that cannot just be a matter of chance.

Well, some players do fight to let the world know that they are alive!

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