Messi embraces his moment again!

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If you haven’t watched the 2018 Argentina versus Croatia World Cup match, please go watch it. You will know that this year’s quarterfinal between the two can easily pass of as a dramatic Season 2 of a Netflix series where the script flips on the victim’s side.

Yes, the quarterfinal match between Argentina and Croatia was a plain revenge of 2018 debacle of Argentina. Well, the 3 goals on the Croatian scoreboard in 2018, hopped over to the Argentinian side in 2022. Argentina settled the score wholly and seamlessly. On the other hand, Croatia struggled to defend what they have seemed to get easily in the last World Cup. Failures teach more than successes do, and Argentina clearly turned out to be a good student of its past mistakes.

It beat Croatia by 3 goals to enter into semifinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 being played in Qatar.

The momentum started with the penalty kick for Argentina over the controversial yellow card shown by referee Daniele Orsato pointed to Cratian goalie, Livakovic, after he clattered with Julian Alvarez. Lionel Messi grabbed the golden chance to get the scorecard running for Argentina. Goal 1.

A few minutes later Manchester City forward Alvarez had already lifted the ball over for the second goal for Argentina. Goal 2. The last goal by Messi by passing the ball forward to Alvarez crowned it all for the country. Goal 3.

Grabbing this victory, enters Lionel Messi, with his team having his back, into the finals against France.

In the opposing French team, we will watch Kylian Mbappe chasing his second World Cup title. Will Messi, who most likely will be playing his last World Cup match, bring the title back to Argentina or will Mbappe do a replay of his magical 2018 Finals to get a back-to-back cup for France and declare his fiefdom?

Well, bet on whichever country you wish, but you gotta give it to Qatar for the kick you got without a booze.



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