Morocco makes history as Canada cheers for its goalie!

Video Source: @TSN_Sports

A game usually declares its winner in the first 10 minutes. No, it’s not the performance but the body language of the players in action. When Portugal arrived to play against Morocco it was the poor body language that gave it all. Even Cristiano Ronaldo could not flip the game, and seemed to be weighed down by the baggage of the “extraordinaire” sought from a sporting legend.

In the first half, Morocco bagged a goal but Portugal could not match it up as it foddered it with minimum competition. Then, the second half spun the magic of Moroccan goalkeeper, Yassine Bounou, who also came as a solace for the healing Canadians. This Montreal-born talent made two extraordinary saves in the second half of the game, leaving Portugal spin its head. What happens next? Well, nothing much but a history is made with first African country reaching the semis. That’s football!

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